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It equates to the feelings that come from passion, attraction and desire. Everything depicted by the God of Desire Eros or Cupid is what represent the word eros in the Greek language. It is the first stage of love and it runs hot just like passion does. This is the word used to describe the love between parent and child or families. However, it still counts and needs to be mentioned. This, of course, is a very important facet of love because friendship is a special component in most of our relationships. This is the kind of love that most of us crave and the one that keeps relationships strong.

It pushes us to a selfless love state where the sexual part gets removed from the equation. Its love is in its purest form. This planetary mama represents who we want to love, what we like and how we approach getting it.

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Her operation also reveals how our affectionate side works including how we give and receive love. In relationships, he reveals how we express what we want from other people. He relates to sexual energy as well but not the lustful kind that his son Eros equates to. If we really want to see how our love component works on a complete level, we have to look at both Venus and Mars in our personal astrology to gain clues.

Venus, Cupido, Mars, Vulcanus and Psyche

An easy way to get started in the exploration process is to take a look at how they are operating in our personal astrology. For starters, looking at the elements that both fall into can help us see things more closely. In order to do this, we first need to generate our personal astrology charts. Just your birthday and location of birth will do. Once your chart is generated, you can hover over each glyph planetary symbol to find out the sign of both your Venus pink and Mars red.

Once you know the signs, look to see what category they fall into Water, Earth, Air or Fire.


Reminders as you read along: Venus is our romance gal. She shows our affectionate side, what we like and how we approach intimacy. Mars is our planet that takes action and goes after what we want. This is the type of person that wants the other person to initiate things. They feel things on an intense level. They can also feel a calming release of tension in intimate situations. They can be very duty bound. The ability to be sensual is there but a key to this element is their control. They are always grounded to the fullest just like their element of earth is. Forget touchy and feely when it comes to the air signs.

What these types crave is talking and communication. In order to truly connect with the air signs on a deeply intimate level you have to be able to talk! Energy runs through them in that way and communication invigorates them and makes them feel alive. Fire likes to get things hot in a physical way and they can be very direct about what they want. They also like to keep things entertaining. Laughter is another key element that can get these signs going. They simply love to laugh. NO matter what the sign, if Venus and Mars fall in the same sign or come very close to each other, there is a high level of attraction to the other sex.

This is a very dynamic person in regards to relating to people. Others will also be very attracted to people with this combination. Another important component to explore in regards to how we love is the placement of the Moon in our personal astrology. Exploring how two people love together is another facet of astrology.

We can use composite charts to study the inner happenings of a specific relationship at a very deep level. It reminds us what we need to be blind to. None of us can see the other facets clearly anyway. Crystal B is no ordinary Astrologer.

Her gifts go way beyond simply mapping the star chart of your destiny. She sees right into your sparkly soul and with a touch of magic knows exactly what you need to navigate those heavenly curve balls. A consultation is like meeting up with your best friend who just had a sit down with the universe and has the inside scoop. As a fellow intuitive and Pisces I trust her wisdom and guidance. What a wonderful session I had with Crystal! I loved every minute of it. I really was impressed with how she wove all the aspects of my chart — past, present and future, together so beautifully.

Being a Virgo I especially enjoyed her practical, down-to-earth, easy to understand approach. I thoroughly enjoyed our time together and look forward to our next session! If you are even thinking of booking a session with Crystal B Astrology…. The sign and house Amor is found in can indicate the nature of issues that can block or interferes with the exchange of or participation in earthly, obtainable love.

For example, Amor in Taurus and the second house can be very materialisti c, putting money before love; or they require a lover who will cater to all sens ual demands, in and out of bed. Placed in Cancer and the sixth house Amor might. In Pisces one can attract experiences of victimization and expl oitation in connection with love; placed in the third house they may haunt the l ocal strip joints to find it. Asteroid Amor in Leo might require constant adulat ion and assurances for being the wonderful lover they think they are; placed in the tenth house, they may be adored as powerful authority figures.

Rock musician Jimi Hendrix was born with asteroid Amor in his tenth house of career and publi c life, in square to Pluto and the Vertex of Fate in the eighth house of sex, de ath, power and occult influences.

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Jimi's music certainly had an enchanting effec t; the same combination points to the circumstances surrounding his untimely dea th from complications related to taking drugs. Asteroid Eros: Demetra George states that Eros was "a primal, phallic god born o ut of Chaos the Void at the beginning of time. Ideally Eros is sup posed to represent the tantric path of transforming instinctual sexual drive int o skilled erotic love as a way to enlightenment.

Beyond that, Eros is that which "turns us on", an emotional force that drives the desire for physical, sexual c onsummation. In a chart Eros would symbolize our passion, that which sexually attracts us, o ur sexual preference and the primal font of desire-energy. A person with a stron g Eros would be moved to periodically re-create the experience of finding and be ing in love A well-represented Eros seeks regular physical contact with others, especially involving sex.

Add charisma and the ability to charm anyone, especial ly if Eros is conjunct the Ascendant, Venus or Mars. Eros conjunct Sun, Moon, Ve nus or Mars can be quite liberal with their favors when circumstances permit. Ac cording to astrologer Zane Stein, if one person's Eros makes an aspect to anothe r person's planet, then the Eros person is smitten with the planet person and pl anet person often returns the feeling, even if his Eros makes no reciprocal aspe ct. Eros shows our longing for completeness and along with Amor provides clues for finding a "soul mate".

By aspect to another's planets or points, it can also sym bolize the force of love which can change that person's life.

Asteroids In Synastry

Transiting Eros ca n be a harbinger of the new love affair or signal the appearance of sudden attra ctions, erotic feelings, thoughts and dreams. Astrologer Kim Falconers's delinea tions of Eros by house, sign and aspect are recommended as a valuable resource f or interpretation. Martha Lang-Wescott mentions Eros retrograde as denoting a state where the sexu al interests and compulsions of other people to which one is sexually attracted, create difficulty as in when a partner seeks satisfaction through internet porn instead of with an actual person.

There can also be repression of the sex drive on occasion, sexual dysfunction, premature sexual experiences or a tendency to seek outlets for unconventional sexual fulfillment.

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Eros in quincunx aspect can represent guilt and over-reaction towards the sexual experience; a waning quincu nx can show that others make you feel that you should do more to please the part ner sexually. Actress Elizabeth Taylor, known for her sensual and seductive role s in cinema, has Eros at 4 Pisces 38', right between her natal Mars at 1Pisces 33' and Sun-Mercury at 7 Pisces; all located in her third house of basic communicati ons.

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This combination is given public focus by an opposition to dreamy and cinem atic Neptune and asteroid Psyche, both retrograde at 6 Virgo in Elizabeth's tenth house of career and public life. What About Asteroid Psyche? Psyche is a connotation hibit some disagreement in the meaning of Psyche in position should be interpreted. Much has been made d Cupid, with associated connotations about finding for the soul; astrologers ex the natal chart, and how its of the story about Psyche an the "soul mate.

Under the ides of Psyche one may be brought into confrontation with their own k armic issues regarding relationship, the conditions placed on love and one's own unique expression of love.

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  • Martha Lang-Wescott suggests that Psyche's position "represents a point of dama ge The intrinsic concept of Psyche is "being purified by suf fering. Demetra George has a much more positive take on Psyche, suggesting that the ast eroid represents "the principle of being psychically attuned and bonded to anoth er human being.


    George maintains that softer aspects made with other planets and points can facilitate empathetic con nection to others, while harder aspects indicate a lack of sensitivity. She sugg ests that Psyche power can express as mental telepathy, empathy, the ability to channel and direct energy fields or the ability to create material product; depe nding on the elemental designation of the sign the asteroid occupies.

    Perhaps Psyche can be regarded as a facilitator for the power of love-and other archetypal instinctual forces- as channeled or not, on the physical plane. Ther efore, for the purposes of this discussion, the asteroid is not included specifi cally as a love indicator.