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Courtney Alexander: We understand that language is vital to clear communication—having the same language is what forms communities and helps us connect. The same goes for visual and audio representation in our spiritual tools.

It provides a different language and helps people connect in a more nuanced way. When I look at my cards , I see myself, my family, [and] my ancestral spirits. I see those who are here for me. When I have used other decks in the past, I never felt the cards were truly made for me or [have accommodated] who I am in this existence, in this life right now, so through creating [my deck], I realized the importance of that cultural connection and how it affects the language of the spiritual tools we use. Seeing representation of Black and Brown spirits and bodies on tarot decks [is] so important.

For so long the tarot has been very whitewashed, very Eurocentric. Vei Darling: Magick is about accessing all aspects of myself, communing with them, and integrating them into my life. Tarot helps access that which I need clarity on. As a person who is marginalized for their mere existence and vilified for pride in their existence, accessing all of me requires decks that speak to every part of me.

The Best Tarot Decks, According to Astrologers

Representation implies respect. It implies that my existence, humanity, and power are respected enough to give me something tangible to connect to. Staci Ivori: A person and their relationship with tarot or personal deck becomes a deep bond. When you can connect with others who share that bond, our personal power collectively grows. The connection and community I created with the other students and our teachers is a bond that is still strong today. My tarot sisters played a huge part in allowing me to see my own gifts and realize how important community is to me!

I had to go buy books, really dig in, and study by myself and with people around me. The Voyager deck, which is a multicultural collage deck, was probably the first time that I saw actual Brown faces on a deck. You have to make sure that you use your powers for good, whatever community you are a part of. Pamela Colman Smith with her theater figures, circa Photo credit: Library of Stuart R. How has Pamela Colman Smith and her contributions to the Rider-Waite deck impacted your relationship with the deck? How has her legacy affirmed you? Courtney Alexander: Learning that the Rider-Waite deck was created by a woman of color was a very surprising yet affirming revelation, but it was also sad to realize that although we have contributed to [the] world of tarot from the very beginning, there still had not been a space created for us to continue to make contributions in a public way.

It made me feel even more proud to be a part of this legacy in our community, to create representation in a way that Pamela Colman Smith may not have been able to even if she wanted to. I sent my best friend a deck for her birthday last year, but I never really identified with it because it seemed old, stuffy, and white. To find that it was a woman of African descent [who designed] it?

That is what representation does. It connects us to that which perhaps we would have never connected before. Most often than not, I was the only Black person in the room. I still find myself in those places a lot within the healing community. Skip to main content. You're using an out-of-date version of Internet Explorer. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Chuck Landau. Permission to republish this paper is expressly denied unless consented to by the author, or Worshipful Master of PLR, and this disclaimer appears in its entirety on the page on which the publication of the article begins.

The artistic process is usually Observation, Relaxation, Concentration and then Creation — Art is the focus on specific universal human archetypes through senses. Artistic from childhood, she put on Puppet Theater plays she wrote, and retold the folklore of her childhood as children stories, in book, illustrations and special Salon sessions held for her friends or their children. She was not tall, or slim, or necessarily pretty, but loved Theater, and while mostly she worked behind the scenes, did get to appear on- stage in secondary roles. She was particularly prized as a Set Designer.

Arthur Edward Waite A. Waite , and she later converted to Catholicism. She was an unsuccessful Magazine Publisher, hostess of a weekly Irish Arts salon in her home, and a warm, loving person to all who knew her. Waite , a 30 card Catholic set of the pg.

Yeats to the Celtic revival and A. Waite to the magical symbolism of the Western Tradition. Alfred Stieglitz, NY art dealer and photographer, his partner, painter Georgia O'Keeffe, and others promoted her art, wrote reviews, but without financial success. She was also friends with Oscar Wilde and Aubrey Beardsley whose illustration style she seemed to… emulate in her Russian Dance drawings. She staged a play for the children to act out based on the pirate Henry Morgan, later turning it into a puppet production with paper dolls.

In later years she first became interested in Celtic folk tales of Ireland through the Irish Nationalists she met in the theater, and revisited her childhood to tell, draw, write and entertain. Theater Paintings and Illustrations She made her first impressions doing art for theater companies and productions.


No doubt, after the success of Dracula, he expected The Lair of the White Worm to be a big success, and she as illustrator might look forward to increased demand for her illustration services. Neither was to come near expectations. But this set of symbols contains much of the images common to the Human Condition. They populate the Collective Unconscious of Dr. Jung, the Astral Plane of Ceremonial Magick, the dreams, fears and aspirations of all, in this case using the visual language of the Western, European tradition.

You are the one constant of your own experience.

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Samuel Weiser began importing it from England in the s, and Stuart Kaplan acquired the copyright in and has kept it in continuous print ever since through his company, U. Being a visual artist, the images and archetypes speak to me in ways that words never could. They never fail to amaze me with their ability to get to the heart of the matter, and my relationship with them continues to deepen, grow, and liven as time progresses. I stumbled upon this deck quite unforgettably and by chance at a metaphysical store in Woodstock, New York.

I went in to buy a different deck, but this was sitting on the shelf and called out to me. I pulled cards to decide between the decks and got the Ace of Pentacles for this deck and decided to go for it. I was even more amazed as I started to read with it. The deck is true to its name—dreamy, magical, and taking you on a journey into another realm.

This is by far one of the most lucid decks I have come across.

(DOC) Pamela Colman Smith: High Priestess of Tarot | chuck landau -

It allows you to slip beyond the veil into another dimension with more ease than you would think—and the characters are alive and very vocal. In spite of its dreamy quality, the Ace of Pentacles energy comes through strongly, revealing crystal clear visions of the real tangible potential in situations. Tarot and astrology have a lot of associations with one another, and while I choose to keep my focus on astrology, it's fun to pull a couple of cards to add depth and detailed visual representation to further clarify an astrology reading. I'm a huge fan of Barbara Walker's tarot set , which Walker designed after doing detailed research from a feminist perspective on Pagan and other religious material from all around the world.

The accompanying book explains how the deck was designed from a feminist-inclusive perspective. I really like this deck because it has a lot of character to it, and it respects that women were involved in world history and the esoteric tradition as much as men were. Reading the book was really eye-opening for me and helped me understand in detail the more feminine aspects of spirituality and religion. Overall I think this is a great deck for anyone who would like to move beyond gender stereotypes and likes the depth and honesty of working with the shadow aspects of themselves, as this deck involves a lot of Pagan imagery.

This deck suits anyone who likes to go deep, and I wouldn't recommend it for the faint-hearted. I've been reading about astrology since or and taking classes since I've been a professional astrologer for about two years now. I live and breathe astrology and read charts in my sleep.